Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company was standing tall amongst the giants when they took over the streets of Perth. 

In association with the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF), Yirra Yaakin Threatre Company co-ordinated and delivered the Indigenous creative component of the Giants by Royal de Luxe, the iconic French street theatre company who transform cities with their amazing performances. The company, in consultation with Elders from an Indigenous Component Advisory Group, co-ordinated the creation of a Welcome to Country, including smoking ceremony, didgeridoo players and the delivery of gifts to welcome the Giants to Noongar Country.

The Giants was an important project for Yirra Yaakin to be a part of. It allowed us to collaborate with the Perth International Arts Festival, collaborate with international artists and showcase our work to a strong 500,000 plus crowd over the 3-day event.

We had a number of professional performers, artists, dancers and musicians who helped tell the story, but the main component involved a group of local Noongar Elders who shared this story and engaged with The Giants. There was a beautiful set-up that we rehearsed and put into place. They were beautiful engagement moments that were approaching an actual intimacy." - Kyle J Morrison, Artistic Director and the Creative Producer of the Indigenous Component of the Giants.


From left: Shakara Walley (Assistant Producer), Alf Taylor, Norma Morrison, Maise Weston, Peter Kift (General Manager)

For more about the Giants Journey follow the link: http://bit.ly/1AhJYGF