2018 Education Workshops

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company strives to deliver a diverse and high quality education program of performances and activities that promote respect, pride and cultural strength to all students across Western Australia. We believe cultural empowerment is the basis of a healthy, sustainable community and provides the building blocks on which other key messages can be delivered to the community.

Thanks to generous donors we are able to offer subsidised workshops to a limited number of metro and regional students in 2018 including:



Culture 2.0 Sonnets In Noongar Junior Sonneteers Program
Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture Workshops * Subject to funding

Year Level 1 - 12 Year Level 9 - 12 Year Level 9 - 12
Venue School Incursion Venue School Incursion Venue Subiaco Arts Centre
Dates Metro Tour Dates Metro Tour
In 2018 (subject to funding) The Sonnets in 
T1: 6 - 23 March
T3: 2 - 21 September Noongar workshops will be used as a
T3: 2 - 21 September

gateway to allow students an opportunity to
T4: 5 - 23 November
become a part of Yirra Yaakin Theatre

Company, through the Junior Sonneteers
Dates Gascoine Tour  9380 3049 Program. Students who participate in the
T4: 15 - 26 October   Sonnets in Noongar workshops, both

More Info Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, will be

invited to audition for a spot as a Junior
9380 3049

More Info

More Info