Kaarla Kaatijin

Written by Zac James Directed by Amy Smith

Year Level  K - 6
Venue  School Incursion
Term 2 Dates Metro Tour  11 June - 29 June
Term 3 Dates Metro Tour  16 July - 3 August
  6 August - 24 August (Extended Season)
Regional Tour  21 May - 8 June
Duration 45mins + 10min Q&A
Cost $11 (Including GST) per student
  10% discount for Waterwise and Disadvantaged schools.
Learning Areas  Arts,  English, HASS, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures, Sustainability
Education Kit  Included
Bookings  education@yirrayaakin.com.au or 9380 3049

Following the success of Boodjar Kaatijin in 2017, Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company is proud to present our 2018 primary school show Kaarla Kaatijin.

Kaarla Kaatijin (which in Noongar means to 'understand fire') will use Noongar knowledge and storytelling to deliver traditional stories about fire in an exciting and engaging way.

Come on a journey into the lives of Djitty Djitty (Willy Wagtail), Kulbardi (Magpie), Yonga (Kangaroo) and many more familiar friends as they explore the importance of Kaarla (Fire) in the next chapter of Yirra Yaakin’s immersive Kaatijin series.

Travelling through four different stories, audiences will learn about Meeka, Kaarla and Djitty Djitty the Brave, How the Magpie and Crow Got Their Colour and Songs and How We Made Fire.

Through a mix of traditional Noongar dreaming stories and contemporary Indigenous storytelling, Kaarla Kaatijin explores the importance of re spiritually and practically as well as unpacking what it means to be a strong, centred individual learning about the world. 

“What a fantastic incursion we were treated to. Thank you. Compliments to all the performers as they had the children eating out of their hands and were amazing. Great story tellers!” - Teacher, Ilawarra Primary School

"... extremely engaging for students; curriculum relevant; great incorporation of Noongar language; local relevance" - Teacher, Belmay Primary 

"Great connection with the children, relevant information, each story flowed from one to the other so seamlessly, the actor’s performances were fantastic, the sound effects were hilarious! The set was absolutely beautiful as were the masks. Finally, the education pack. Our school was completely blown away with the level of professionalism and the standard of work provided.

 It was not only educational but it was so entertaining that the students actually retained the information and were eager to learn more and participate in all of the follow up activities relating to the Dreamtime Stories, the Indigenous culture and the history of our land. We regularly use the Noongar language in class so it was great to see them pronouncing the words properly afterwards!" - Teacher, East Waikiki Primary

Written by Zac James            Directed Amy Smith

Dramaturg Ian Wilkes            Set Designer Matt McVeigh

Sound Designer Joe Lui        Stage Manager Craig Williams

Cast Sean Dow, Jessie Ward & Levi Widnall