The Noongar Shakespeare Project

The Noongar Shakespeare Project has grown into a unique language platform for the learning, understanding and performing of Shakespeare sonnets in the Noongar language.

In 2012, in an international first, Yirra Yaakin presented translated Shakespeare's Sonnets in the Noongar language as part of The Globe Theatre’s Cultural Olympiad in London. We have since presented at the Opening of the Perth Festival in 2013, and taught the Noongar language to school students through the Noongar Sonnet program. We are now looking for project supporters to help us to continue to teach the Noongar language to students as well as create a full length Shakespearan play in Noongar.

Recently I experienced the work of the very talented Aboriginal performers of Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company from The Noongar Shakespeare Project and it brought tears to my eyes. In the process of translating a Shakespeare sonnet into Noongar language, each actor goes on their own spiritual journey reconnecting with their past and their present, carefully choosing the words and values that best represent what Shakespeare intended and how it is expressed through their own culture. It is such a gift to be present at their workshops and performances to feel this journey and see it when they perform. It is an entertaining way to learn about this very important culture and people, and is an immensely rewarding project for both the actors and the audiences. I am excited to be an ambassador for this program and invite you to consider becoming a part of this project and the Yirra Yaakin community.” (Mae Cardaci - Philanthropist and Noongar Shakespeare Project Ambassador)
"I recently experienced the magic of Yirra Yaakin performing  Shakespeare in Noongar. It was a sonnet and I was even able to guess which one! The rhyme and meter had been brilliantly reflected in an ancient language. Not all of the sonnets can be translated because the word for certain items simply do not exist in Noongar but the ones that do electrify with their power. It is a privilege to be associated with this marvellous project that crosses cultural boundaries and reveals the universality of the human spirit." (John Goodlad - Senior Investment Advisor, Hartleys and Noongar Shakespeare Project Ambassador)

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