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Did you know that Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company offers many of its performances and workshops FREE to local and regional communities statewide?
We recently experienced the late withdrawal of one of our major sponsors of our 2014 touring and workshop program.
We now invite YOU to HELP US to continue this important cultural program that directly reaches out to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous young people here in WA. Donate now.

Yirra Yaakin is more than just a theatre company. We retell the stories of Australia’s rich and diverse Aboriginal history and culture. We believe that connection to culture and country supports the health and well being of all Australians. From our base in Western Australia, we reach out to some of the most remote communities in the world.
How will we be able to meet this shortfall of $50,000?
Through YOU!
Please SUPPORT Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company to continue sharing Aboriginal stories as far and wide as possible! Donate now.
We are a not for profit company so our supporters, sponsors and partners make a real difference to what we can achieve. Together we are a community of leaders, advocates and friends who share a vision to create a future where Aboriginal people are empowered socially, culturally and creatively.
Yirra Yaakin is often the first point of contact for young people to Aboriginal stories and culture. We need your help to continue to offer our unique educational experiences to young people and families by assisting us to tour our performances and workshops to regional and remote communities across Western Australia.
We ask you to join us TODAY in becoming a Yirra Yaakin donor. No matter what the amount your support is vital to us being able to continue to do what we do!
All donations over $2 received by 30 June enable a tax deduction for this financial year.
We’ll then keep you up to date with our developments and share with you new work and projects as they unfold. We welcome your ongoing interest and involvement with Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. See our video about Yirra Yaakin’s current program.
I invite you to consider making a contribution to this endeavour.  Every gift counts and, when combined with the support of others, can make a significant impact.  Together, we can play a crucial role in fostering the education of future generations of young Australians in awareness of Aboriginal culture in all its diversity. I hope you will join us – Kyle Morrison, Artistic Director
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We also invite you to consider becoming an ongoing member of the Yirra Yaakin Family by becoming a Koordah (friend).
If you have any questions, or simply wish to know more about how you can HELP US, please give us a call on 08 92012 1966 and feel free to contact our Partnerships Manager Sally Richardson.