Kick A Goal For Us

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company launched its first Pozible crowd funding campaign on 17th of March to raise $10,000 to develop its Indigenous Cultural Leadership Initiative ‘All Our Futures’Indigenous Cultural Leadership Initiative ‘All Our Futures’. View the campaign here: Kick A Goal For Us

Kick A Goal For Us is a one off initiative to grow the next generation of Indigenous cultural leadership in the arts industry. Funds raised will support selected professional trainees Ian Wilkes and Shakara Walley in a 12-month program of professional development at Yirra Yaakin.

Artistic Director Kyle Morrison said the initiative addresses the need for more Indigenous artists in leadership roles in the arts industry.

“There is a shortage of Aboriginal people in leadership roles in the areas of producing, directing, technical, production and project management. This campaign creates an exciting opportunity for two emerging leaders to be supported within the Company in their growth and development into the Australian performing arts industry,” Mr Morrison said.

“Our current resources are stretched to the limit as we struggle to maintain our core programs. We are reaching out to the community and asking them to join us in supporting Shakara and Ian so they have the opportunity to achieve at the highest level. They represent the next generation of Aboriginal arts leadership. They are our future.

Our community also loves the AFL, so watch out in the coming weeks as some other star recruits join us in our campaign…we want this to be fun while also highlighting what is an important issue for us.”

Overall, the campaign is seeking $25,000 in donations, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar through Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 Match Funding Initiative. $10,000 is specifically sought through the Kick A Goal For Us Pozible campaign, with additional donations needed to make up the final $15,000. The campaign will end on 28 May 2015.

Watch a message from West Coast Eagles' Jamie Bennell in support of 'Kick A Goal For Us' on Pozible:

‘All Our Futures’ is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1.